Sightseeing Treasure Hunts

Explore, Solve, Play!

Sightseeing Treasure Hunts are a complete entertainment solution, all wrapped up in a box and posted to your door!

Each team is equipped with a beautifully presented clue booklet and map, delivering a perfect balance of informative sightseeing narrative and clue solving fun. Places and people are brought to life through a combination of fun facts, stories and fascinating historic detail.  

At the end of the clue solving part of the experience, teams reconvene to take part in a fun multiple-choice quiz game using answer scratch-cards with based on the clues they have solved. 

We even include gold medals made of delicious Belgian chocolate are included for the worthy winners!

Who Would Love This?

We have different options to suit different groups. Our Sightseeing Treasure Hunts are especially popular with international student groups and Hen Party/celebration groups.

NB. Sightseeing Treasure Hunts for adult groups include pub clues and a free option to personalise the clue booklets with the photo of your choice.

Where Can We Do This?

Bath, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London (7 locations), Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Oxford, Portsmouth, Stratford-upon-Avon and York